The Mystery Horror & Ghost Story Audiobook Collection. 113 Books and Works in mp3 format on a usb drive

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113 Classic Mysteries, Ghost, and Horror Stories. Audiobook Collection by famous authors.

1. "Ghoul's Accountant" by Stephen Crane
2. "Beast With Five Fingers" by William F. Harvey
3. "Berenice" by Edgar Allan Poe
4. "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe
5. "Captain Murderer" by Charles Dickens
6. "Catapillers" by E. F. Benson
7. "Cats of Ulthar" by H. P. Lovecraft
8. "The Crawling Chaos" by H.P. Lovecraft
9. "The Doom That Came to Sarnath" by H.P. Lovecraft
10. "A Dreadful Night" by Edwin Lester Arnold
11. "The Dream" by Ivan Turgenev
12. "Ex Oblivione" by H. P. Lovecraft
13. The 9:30 Up Train by S. B. Gould
14. "Clairvoyance" by Algernon Blackwood
15. "Green Tea" Part 1 by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
16. "Green Tea" Part 2 by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
17. "The Haunted House" by Virginia Woolf
18. "The Haunted Orchard" by Richard Le Gallienne
19. "Letter To Sura" by Pliny V. Younger
20. "The Mystery of the Semi-detached" by E. Nesbitt
21. "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens
22. "The Silver Mirror" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
23. "The Apparition of Mrs. Veal" by Daniel Defoe
24. "Deceiving Shadows" by Pou Song Lin
25. "The Devil" by Maxine Gorky
26. "Fear" by Ahmed Abdullah
27. "The House of the Nightmare" by Edward Lucas White
28. "The Last of Mrs. Debrugh" by H. Sivia
29. "The Mirror Maiden" by Lefcardio Hearne
30. "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs
31, "The Murder Hole" by Anonymous
32. "The Screaming Skull" pt. 1 by F Marion Crawford
33. "The Screaming Skull" pt. 2 by F Marion Crawford
34. "The Shunned House" by H. P. Lovecraft
35. "The Spector Bride" By William Harrison Ainsworth
36. "The Telltale Heart" by Edgar allan Poe
37. "The Transferred Ghost" by Frank R. Stockton
38. "Wake Not The Dead" by Johan Ludwig Tieck
39. "The White Feather Hex" by Don Peterson
40. "The Empty House" by Algernon Blackwood
41. "The Judges House" by Bram Stoker
42. "Laura" by Saki
43. "Mansize in Marble" by E. Nesbit
44. "Phantasmagoria" by Lewis Carroll
45. "Schalken the Painter" by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
46. "The Shadows on the Wall" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
47. "Tales of Treasure" Anonymous
48. "The Trial for Murder" by Charles Dickens
49. "Uncle Abraham's Romance" by E. Nesbit
50. "The Beast In The Cave" by H.P. Lovecraft
51. "The Bell in the Fog" by Gertrude Atherton
52. "The Ebony Frame" by E. Nesbit
53. "The Ghost Club" by John Kendrick Bangs
54. "A Ghost Story" by Mark Twain
55. "A Midnight Visitor" by John Kendrick Bangs
56. "A Psychical Prank" by John Kendrick Bangs
57. "Quicksilver Cassandra" by John Kendrick Bangs
58. "The Red Room" by H. G. Wells
59. "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" by John Kendrick Bangs
60. "Astral Onion" by E. W. Peattie
61. "Chromatic Ghosts" Ellis Parker Butler
62. "Glamis Castle" by Elliott O'Donnell
63. "On The Northern Ice" by E. W. Peattie
64. "Phantom" by Arnold Bennett
65. "The Return of Imray" by Rudyard Kipling
66. "Since I Died" By Elizabeth Stewart Phelps
67. "The Withered Arm" by Thomas Hardy
68. "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlette Perkins Gilman
69. "Children of the Moon" by Richard Middleton
70. "Ghosts That Have haunted Me" by John Kendrick Bangs
71. "Gods of the North" by Robert E. Howard
72. "A Haunted House" by Virginia Woolf
73. "The Man Who Was Not On The Passenger List" by Robert Barr
74. "No Living Voice" by Thomas S. Millington
75. "The Old Nurse's Story" by Elizabeth C. Gaskell
76. "Rattle of Bones" by Robert E. Howard
77. "Skulls In The Stars" by Robert E. Howard
78. "The Hidden Beast" by J. D. Beresford
79. "The Japanned Box" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
80. "The Man Tiger" by Anonymous
81. "The Mark of the Beast" by Rudyard Kipling
82. "Mother and the Dead Child" by Hans Anderson
83. "The Nameless City" by H. P. Lovecraft
84. "Napoleon and the Spectre" by Charlotte Bronte
85. "Nyarlathotep" by H. P. Lovecraft
86. "The Occupant of the Room" by Algernon Blackwood
87. "An Old Woman's Tale" by Nathanial Hawthorne
88. "One Summer Night" by Ambrose Bierce
89. "Oval Portrait" by Edgar Allan Poe
90. "The Painter's Bargain" William Makepeace Thackeray
91. "The Phantom Coach" by Amelia B. Edwards
92. "Picture In The House" by H. P. Lovecraft
93. "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe
94. " The Ring of Thoth" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
95. "The Room In The Tower" by E. F. Benson
96. "The Silver Mirror" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
97. "The Soul of Great Bell" by Lefcardio Hearne
98. "The Spook House" by Ambrose Bierce
99. "Staley Fleming's Hallucination" by Ambrose Bierce
100. "The Statement of Randolph Carter" by H. P. Lovecraft
101. "The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost" by H. G. Wells
102. "The Story of Mimi Nashi Hoichi" by Lefcardio Hearne
103. "Strange Orchid" by H. G. Wells
104. "The Street" by H. P. Lovecraft
105. "Tale of the Mysterious Mirror" by Sir Walter Scott
106. "The Terrible Old Man" by H. P. Lovecraft
107. "A Test of Courage" by C. W. Leadbetter
108. "The Spider" by Hans Heinz Ewers
109. "The Thing at Ghent" by Honore de Balzac
110. "To Be Read At Dusk" by Charles Dickens
111. "The Tomb" by H. P. Lovecraft
112. "Transformation" by Mary Shelley
113. "A Wedding Chest" by Vernon Lee